Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Dry Grass In August - Anna Jean Mayhew

On a scorching hot day in August 1954, thirteen-year-old Jubie Watts leaves Charlotte, North Carolina, with her family for a Florida vacation. Crammed into the Packard along with Jubie are her three siblings, her mother, and the family's black maid, Mary Luther. For as long as Jubie can remember, Mary has been there - cooking, cleaning, compensating for her father's rages and her mother's benign neglect, and loving Jubie unconditionally.

Bright and curious, Jubie takes notes of the anti-integration signs they pass, and the racial tension that builds as they journey further south. But she could never have predicted the shocking turn their trip will take. Now, in the wake of tragedy, Jubie must confront her parents' failings and limitations, decide where her own convictions lie, and make the tumultuous leap to independence.

Publisher: Kensington Books - Kindle edition
Year: 2011
Pages: 305
ISBN: 0758254091

I had not heard of this book before, it was one suggested by Amazon for my Kindle.  As I am a fan of 'The Help' I thought it may be one that would appeal.  The story evolves around a trip to Florida for a vacation at Jubie's uncles house.  On route back  the family Packard is involved in an accident and is in need of repair.  Whilst waiting for the car to be fixed Jubie, her siblings and Mary visit a church.  It is on route back from the church that a turn of events occurs that will change the families lives forever.

I believe this is the debut novel of AJ Mayhew and for a first I thought it was very good.  It depicts a time in the USA when segregation was in full force in the south and AJ Mayhew puts this across very well.  She also tells you of the relationship that Jubie has with her parents, their shortcomings as well as the love they have for their children.  Very well written and one I would recommend.



  1. Looks good! I shall add it to my 'to read' list. Thank you for the review X

  2. Hi Mitzi - thank you for popping by my blog today, I hope you can use the beanier hat pattern. Amanda x


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