Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Color Purple - Alice Walker

 Set in the deep American south between the wars, this is the classic tale of Celie, a young poor black girl. Raped repeatedly by her father, she loses two children and then is married off to a man who treats her no better than a slave. She is separated from her sister Nettie and dreams of becoming like the glamorous Shug Avery, a singer and rebellious black. woman who has taken charge of her own destiny. Gradually Celie discovers the support of women that enables her to leave the past behind and begin a new life.

Publisher: Phoenix - Fiction
Year: New Ed Edition 2004 - Paperback
Pages: 272
ISBN: 978-0753818923

I first read 'The Color Purple' back in the 80's and the film has been one of my favorites for many years. I was really surprised when my daughter came home with it to read for English Literature. It gave me a great opportunity to read it again with her and I got to enjoy it all over again.  As one of my challenges this year is to re-visit books read at school I couldn't resist making this one of them.  So 'The Color Purple' had to be my book for August.  There are subtle differences between the book and the film especially the ending.  In the book Celie writes letters to God, as since her sister was sent away by Albert she doesn't know whether she is alive or dead.  Throughout she tells of her life first with her father and sister and then the awful life she has with Albert and his children.   She fears for the two children conceived from the man she believed to be her father, not knowing what happened to them. Her only true friend is Shug Avery who teaches her about love and life and how to become her own women. Eventually she is reunited with her sister Nettie and her son and daughter who were so cruelly snatched from her as babies.

If you have never read 'The Color Purple' you should definitely make it one of your must reads.

Happy reading one and all



  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Isn't is great when your children start reading books you have loved & you read them together, one of the joys of parenthood! X

    1. It certainly is although when my son read Educating Rita I was very excited as I loved this book but he didn't like it at all. With only 4 more books to choose for this challenge I am trying to decide what the last four will be but maybe Rita will be one of them.


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