Friday, 29 August 2014

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt - Beth Hoffman

When Camille Sugarbaker Honeycutt, the pretty but crazy 1951 Vidalia Onion Queen, dies suddenly, her twelve-year-old daughter CeeCee is whisked off by her Great Aunt Tootie to the fabled city of Savannah in the most magnificent car CeeCee has ever seen.

Soon, among the sweet scent of magnolias and the loving warmth of her aunt and her colourful collection of friends it looks as though CeeCee has arrived in paradise. But when a darker side of the Southern dream threatens this delicate, new found happiness, Aunt Tootie and her friends must rally to CeeCee's aid.

Publisher: ABACUS - Fiction
Year:2012 - Paperback (UK)
Pages: 311
ISBN: 978-0-349-00018-3

Cecelia Honeycutt a twelve year old child who is ridiculed by her peers at school and members of her community about her mother who has mental health issues and seems to be stuck in a time warp of 1951 when she was crowned Vidalia Onion Queen.  CeeCee's father cannot handle his wife's eccentric behaviour and chooses to work away from home as much as possible.  One particular day her mother leaves the house never to return when she is involved in an accident resulting in her death.  Following family discussions it is decided that CeeCee should go and live with her Great Aunt Tootie in Savannah.  At first CeeCee is apprehensive about the move but once  there is taken under the wing of Auntie Tootie and her housekeeper Oletta Jones as well as her aunts friends and neighbours.  she soon realizes that this was the best move.  Nobody knows of her mothers past and therefore she never needs to explain anything other than the fact her mother died and her father works away a lot on business. Under the care of the strong women of Savannah CeeCee blossoms into a very capable young women. 

What can I tell you about 'Saving CeeCee Honeycutt' well to begin with it is a magnificent debut novel bu Beth Hoffman.  For anyone who is a fan of such novels as Steel Magnolias or The Secret Life of Bees this is a MUST read for you.  I couldn't put it down and immersed myself into reading this one till the small wee hours in which to finish it at which point I was left wanting more.

Can't wait to see what else Beth Hoffman is going to go on to produce.  

I will now be looking out for her new novel 'Looking for Me'.

Happy reading one and all


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