Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Follyfoot - Monica Dickens

I am sure many of you who are into your golden years will remember the TV series called 


The series was based on the novels written by Monica Dickens. 

Monica Dickens was a great granddaughter of Charles Dickens who took to writing children's books in the 1970's. 

She kept horses and loved to ride herself. 

Her Follyfoot series of books followed the mysteries and adventures surrounding Follyfoot farm which is a retirement home for old and unwanted horses. 

It was owned and run by the Colonel helped by his step daughter Callie and stable hands Dora and Steve. 


In this the first book Callie is having trouble with two brothers at school Louis and Todd Hammond or as she refers to them Louse and Toad.  Their parents run a local hotel and offer riding lessons as part of the experience of staying at Pinecrest. Unfortunately the manor in which they keep and treat their horses is not up to the standard of the colonel and when he receives word that they are mistreating a mare the team at Follyfoot decide they have to do something about it.  Meanwhile there are reports to the police a horse getting out of his paddock and getting onto a neighbouring farmers land. Now horses are intelligent animals but not many work out to unlock a padlock on a gate. Steve decides to investigate and catches the perpetrator in the act. 


I love these stories as much  now as I did when I was 11 years old (and that's a long time ago). At that time anyone who had a passion for horses would have Monica Dickens books on their bookshelves. 

Moving on my next book is from my bookshelf rather than my kindle 

This was another find from the charity table in my local Tesco. 
Having read the first chapter I feel that a large box of Kleenex and a large supply of chocolate may be necessary. 

Happy reading one & all



  1. Somewhere in our house is my copy of Follyfoot! I remember reading it! Perhaps it is time to read it again someday. xx

    1. I read it on my Kindle this time but I'm sure when I had the original book it had Steve, Dora and a horse (possibly Cobblers Dream) on the front.

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  2. I remember growing up that my parents had some Monica Dickens book in those lovely orange and cream Penguin covers. I think I only read one - My Turn to Make the Tea, about her own experiences and it was very well written.

    1. We had ponies when I was younger and so anything to do with ponies and horses got my attention at the time.

  3. Isn't it funny, I loved animals as a child and hated books about them. I think it was the fault of Ring of Bright Water - I never trusted authors and animals after that! God luck with the tissues & chocolate :)

    1. I re-read Ring of Brightwater last month which I hadn't read for probably 35+ years and I had completely forgotten what happened to Mig. I read anything to do with horses/ponies and then I went through a phase of only reading biographies and now I'm back to more fiction than non fiction. Funny how our tastes change as we get older.


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