Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Year in Books July

It's been feeling a little like the Mad Hatters Tea Party around here.

I can't believe we are already approaching the second week in August and I have not yet posted about my books from July.

It has been a busy time around here and most of the time I still feel a bit like the white rabbit that I am going to be late for a very important date.
I managed five books through the month of July.

Perfect Daughter is the latest offering from Amanda Prowse.  I lovely this ladies work, everything from the covers of her novels to the characters she creates.  Perfect daughter is about Jacks Morgan, a wife, mother and carer for her elderly mother.  She covers all the everyday goings on that happen in normal family life for some of us, but in her usual sensitive way of writing. 

Take Me Home is the second novel of Daniela Sacerdoti that I have read.  It is set back in Glen Avich and is a story of love, loss and rediscovery. Inary Monteith is at a crossroads. Still trying to put her life back together after a broken romance from three years ago.  Inary Monteith returns to Glen Avich to say goodbye to her sister who is coming to the end of a long illness, but whilst there gets the chance to find out things about herself she had long forgotten.
 Still Alice is the second Lisa Genova novel I have read.  Alice is a successful Professor at a University, travelling all over the country giving lectures.  She has everything she could have wanted and yet this is all about to be taken away from her as she is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers at the age of 50.  As I am a lady of a similar age to the character of this book you can imagine how many times I have compared myself to Alice's character whenever I forget things or can't place a word.  


Like so many I had eagerly awaited the release of Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman. To Kill A Mocking Bird is one of my all time favourite books.  Go Set A Watchman is set twenty years later and Jean Louise is now a young woman.  She has returned home to visit her elderly father but she is about to realise the man she idolized as a child may not be quite as perfect as she had always thought. I read this one in a matter of days not able to put it down.  I did enjoy it but if I had to pick I think To Kill A Mocking Bird is still my favourite.

What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge, was my return to childhood read for July.  I read all the What Katy Did books as a girl and went on to share them with my own daughter.  What I hadn't realised is that Jacqueline Wilson,also a lover of these books, has written a modern take on this classic novel. It will be interesting to see how she interprets Katy in the modern day. 

And so it is decision time which of these will I choose as my book of the month?

It's funny I can more or less have an idea of which one it will be before I have finished reading them all but actually this month it's turned out not to be the one I thought it would be.

My book of the month for July is 

I am continuing to take part in Laura's Year in Books Project 2015 if you want to take part just click on the link.

Happy reading one and all



  1. Interesting to see your thoughts on Go Set a Watchman especially. Glad you had a good months reading! Hope that August is good too!! xx

  2. My stepson has just given me Go Set a Watchman so I can't wait to read it. It is so long since I read To Kill a Mockingbird that I feel I should reread that first. Thanks for the recommendation of Still Alice too!

  3. August reading has started a bit slower only on my second book but the second one is nearly 600 pages so I don't feel too bad. It's been a busy first week and I can't see this one slowing down any either. I really enjoyed Go Set A Watchman it's funny how daughters can put their fathers on a peddle stool and years later discover they aren't quite the person they had thought them to be. Gina I think you could read them either way around especially as originally it was Go Set A Watchman that Harper Lee wrote first.

  4. I read Perfect Daughter a few weeks ago, and Take Me Home earlier in the year - I enjoyed them both. I also ordered Still Alice a couple of days ago. I will pop back next month to see what else you are reading - it may give me some ideas. And I'll have a wander through your archives!

    1. Welcome to my little booky blog. I really like Amanda Prowse books and have read them all right from her first one Poppy Day. August has definitely been a slower month for me where reading is concerned only on book number two where as this time last year I had gotten through about 9 over the month. Life just keeps getting in the way at the moment so far I have read His Other Life by Beth Thomas and I am about 100 pages off finishing Kate Morton's Distant Hours then it will be my return to childhood read for the month which I have decided upon yet so will need to get my thinking cap with that one. I have read Lisa Genova before and enjoyed it so I half knew I would like Still Alice.


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