Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Breaking the Silence - Casey Watson

'Are you saying Georgie's going to live here?' Jenson groaned. 'Here in this house? He can't live here'

Looking after two 9 year-old boys was never going to be easy, especially two boys with such different needs. But it's not long before Casey realises that, with Jenson and Georgie, she is facing her toughest challenge yet. 

Published by: Harper Collins Publishers - Memoir
Year: 2013 - Paperback
Pages: 270
ISBN: 978-0-00-747961-0

Casey Watson and her husband have been fostering children with complex behaviour for many years and has documented her journeys in a series of books. In her books Casey describes the needs and problems some of the children who have passed through their care. Each child is unique and she describes within her books how with each new charge they set out on a new journey of learning.  Normally the Watson, s don't do short stay fostering, their charges are normally with them for the long haul but,  Jenson is a 9 year old boy, whose mother decides to leave him and his teenage sister home a lone whilst she enjoys a holiday in the sun with her new boyfriend. The two are placed in emergency care and in such an emergency  their caseworker cannot think of anyone better to take care of Jenson. Initially they thought he would only be with them for two weeks but this soon turned into months rather than weeks.  When the children's home Georgie has lived in for most of his young life is due to close a new placement has to be found and quick.  Georgie has autism and has some very complex needs. Once more the Watson's seem to be the ideal foster carers to look after this young 9 year old boy until they find him a more permanent home.  This initially causes disruption in the Watson household. Both boys go to the same primary school and Jenson  finds Georgies behaviour embarrassing.  The Watson's are left wondering if they have taken on too much with both boys having their own issues.  By the time the boys leave their care the two boys have formed their own unique bond and the Watson's have been on yet another steep learning curve.  

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  2. Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations. :)


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