Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Missing Half - Brooke Powley

When I was a little girl and children went missing it was just one of those sad things.  
It never happened to anyone I knew. It happened over breakfast or lunch. 
It happened to parents who were careless. 
Alice Winters is not a careless mother. 
Yet one awful day her two year old daughter is taken from her pushchair outside a village shop. 
Alice's life becomes every parent's worst nightmare as she begins questioning everything and everyone she knows, vowing to leave no stone unturned until Grace is found. 

Now ten years later, Alice believes that the publication of her book recollecting the events surrounding Grace's disappearance will be the final needle in the haystack needed to bring her home. 
Who had taken Grace and why? 
Will Alice ever be ready to accept the truth, no matter how difficult it is to hear? 


Grace disappeared when she was just 2 years old from outside the village shop.
That was in 1996.
10 years on she is still missing and her body has never been found.

In Brooke Powley's début novel she splits the story into two halves.
 In part one she is writing her book describing the events leading up to her daughter going missing and how this has affected her and her family for over the last 10 years.
The most important thing being that she has never given up hope that one day Grace will be found and reunited with her family.

In part two the story is picked up by Edd the Private Detective and takes you to the USA where members of a family may hold the key to finding out just what happened to Grace.


Released in January 2014  as Brooke Powley's début novel, I thought this book was fantastic.
Right from the beginning you forget that this is not a true story and are gripped for the whole 184 pages.  It is every parents nightmare that their child will go missing and sadly for some it is a reality. Obviously here in the UK it immediately brings the McCann family to mind and  all that they have done to try and find their daughter since she disappeared in 2007.
 They like Ms Powley's character Alice will never give up the search for their daughter.

I read this novel over two days, as I had to keep reading in order to know what the final outcome of Alice's story was going to be.  Definitely worth a recommendation and I have now downloaded her second novel to add to my ever growing number of books residing on my kindle.
Just as well D can only see those that find themselves on my bookshelf.

I am continuing with another selection from my kindle in Louise Douglas's The love of my life,  which by coincidence is her début novel.

Not read anything by this author before but at the time it was part of the kindle 99p deal and so it would have been rude not to have purchased it don't you think and I do like to support new authors.

Happy reading one & all


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