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Someone to watch over me - Madeleine Reiss

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Two mothers must face their darkest fears. Will the truth destroy them, or can it set them free?

Carrie's life collapses when her five-year old son, Charlie, disappears on a Norfolk beach. She turns her life inside out to find out what happened but nothing prepares her for the most shocking discovery.  

Molly is desperate to protect her young son, Max, from his estranged father - a violent and unstable man. She can't do it alone, and time is running out for help to reach them.

Carrie and Molly's lives are about to collide - but will their love for their children have the power to heal?

Published by: Harper - Fiction
Year: 2013 - Paperback
Pages: 419
ISBN: 978-0-00-749301-2

Someone to Watch Over Me is the first novel by Madeleine Reiss. Carrie and Damon and Molly and Rupert have one thing in common their five year old boys.  They had never met until that day on a Norfolk beach when for one couple their lives would never be the same again. Max and Charlie had been playing in the sand together when Charlie had disappeared.  His mother took her eye off him for a split second in that split second he had disappeared forever.  The police came and for hours they scoured the beach and surrounding area to no avail.  Three years on Carrie still had to believe that one day her son would be returned to her.  Neither family had seen or spoken to each other again since that day. A lot had happened in those three years. Carrie now runs a  gift shop and by chance Molly comes to the shop inquiring about selling some of her painting Neither couple were in deed couples anymore.  Molly had at last escaped her violent husband or so she thought and was trying to raise Max by herself. Molly is concerned about Max he seems to of invented an imaginary friend who he refers to as Charlie. Everyone reassures her that this perfectly normal for a young boy. According to Rupert's mother he is now living in America but on Christmas morning there are parcels under the tree for Max that she didn't put there Rupert is back and believes that he, Molly and Max are still a family and for Molly her terror is about to begin.  Carries mother comes to stay and convinces her to attend a meeting where a medium will be in attendance.  Carrie reluctantly goes but from this night on her life will be turned upside down.  Molly and Max are in desperate need of her help and it is up to Charlie to get a message to his mother in whatever way her can.

'Someone to Watch Over Me' is number twelve from my Yet to Be Read Bookshelf challenge. This was truly a gripping novel and definitely a not put down-able, Madeleine Reiss describes every mothers nightmare when Carrie looses her only child. The despair of not knowing what happened to him whilst trying to carry on with her life and the not knowing whether she will ever find him or find out the truth of his disappearance. And then there is Molly desperately trying to protect her son from her violent husband.  Both scenarios that for some is a reality.  Absolutely brilliantly written and I cannot wait to see what she will produce in the future.


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