Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry

The Fry Chronicles carries on from where 'Moab is my washpot'  finishes and  covers the period of Stephen Fry's life from 1979 - 1987 from when he starts at Cambridge up to his thirtieth birthday.

Published by: Penguin Books 
Year: 2011
Pages: 464
ISBN: 978-0141039809

Having read 'Moab is my Washpot' I continued to learn more about Stephen Fry and his life up to the age of 30 in reading 'The Fry Chronicles'.   The Chronicles leads you through his life at University, his longstanding friendship with Hugh Laurie and  Emma Thompson to name but two. You will get to know the man behind the stage show 'Me & My Girl'. You will also get to read about the high and lows of Stephen Fry's life that will leave you wanting to know what has happened in the next 20 years of his existence.  Well I believe there is another installment to come very soon.  

If you are a fan of Stephen Fry or his work then both these books are worth a read. Personally I am looking forward to the next chapter.

'The Fry Chronicles' is my 13th and final book from my 'Yet to be read from the bookshelf' challenge. There are of course still a number of books still left on the shelf and therefore having completed part one of this challenge I think part two will be to see how many more of the books currently residing on the to be read bookshelf can be completed before the end of the year. 

Happy reading one & all. 


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