Monday, 8 July 2013

The Dog that Saved My Life and Beyond The Call of Duty - Isabel George

 Meet Judy, the English Pointer who was torpedoed, shot at, and became the     only dog to be officially registered as a prisoner of war    . 

And Canadian Newfoundland, Gander who was smuggled into Hong Kong and gave his life to save the injured men he fought alongside. And Boonie, a front-line explosives search dog in Fallujah, Iraq.Plus many more courageous canines, who were invaluable not only for their incredible skills - but also for their absolute devotion and love, at a time when men and women needed them most. 

Published by: Harper Element - Non-Fiction
Year: Paperback  2013
ISBN: 978-0-00-753920-4

Meet Smoky, the Yorkshire Terrier who saved 250 American soldiers from being bombed by the enemy in the Second World War.

And the stub-tailed Bull Terrier, Stubby, who became a hero of the First World War after his bravery in the trenches of Flanders.

And Antis, the German Shepherd that was rescued as a  puppy from  the rubble of a French farmhouse before becoming an invaluable war companion to his saviour.

Plus more devoted dogs from around the world, who have displayed incredible traits of courage and love as they accompanied man into battle.

Published by: Harper Collins - Non-Fiction
Year: Paperback 2013
ISBN: 978-0-00-737151-8


I decided to review these two books together.  Each tells the true stories of our servicemen and women  from as far back as the First World War to present day conflict in Afghanistan, and how our four legged friends have played a big part in boosting the morale of our servicemen as well as saving countless lives.  I think they would appeal to more of the male brain or to someone who is from a services family/background.  My personal interest being that I have a son in the forces who is due to go out to Afghanistan later this year.  Most of the dogs within these books did come through the conflicts they were involved with and were able to return home with their forces owner enabling them to live out their days in comfort knowing they were truly loved and appreciated for their bravery. . I would certainly recommend to anyone with an interest animals within the services.   

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