Friday, 26 July 2013

The Accidental Husband - Jane Green

Maggie and Sylvie are strangers...

Two very different women, living on opposite coasts. But they share more in common than they could ever imagine.

Both women have beautiful children on the verge of flying the nest, a home they worked hard to build and a handsome and devoted husband they can't believe belongs to them. Both think their lives are seamlessly secure. But they couldn't be more wrong...

Each is about to discover a secret that will shake their world to the very core, throwing into doubt everything they ever thought they knew, and bringing them together in a most unexpected way.

Published by: PENGUIN BOOKS - Fiction
Year: Paperback 2013
Pages 393
ISBN: 978-0-718-15753-5


I was recommended this book by a work colleague who managed to read it within three days, I didn't quite manage that but did manage to complete it in four. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found I just couldn't put it down.  In each chapter you discover each of the characters and about their lives the good times as well as the bad. You see the children grow and mature into adults and Maggie and Sylvie transform their lives.  The sad truth being that for some this would not just be a fictitious story but an account of their lives and as individuals we would be in  wonder just how they couldn't know what was going on without having a slight suspicion   It was another gripping book for me and one I would certainly recommend as a good read.  I have not read anything by Jane Green before but if this book was anything to go by I would certainly read more of her work. 

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