Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Year in Books -December

As you can see there are a few books residing on my bedside cabinet.
These are the start of my Winter read selection. 
With two weeks off over the festive season and the plan being not to do very much, apart from reading and crafting the pile may just increase a little, especially if Santa brings me a few more off my Christmas list. 

So to begin with I have 

The Rosie Project  so many of you have talked about this book that I decided I just had to have it. 
Well half of blogland can't be wrong about this one can they.

Y bought this one a while ago and it has been sitting on my bookshelf along with Ten things I've learnt about love,  The Supremes at Earls all you can eat.Prescious Thing & One Night Only So I thought it was about time they got promoted from the bookshelf to the bedside cabinet in readiness for reading at some point over the Winter months. 

Back in the summer I lent a book to Jo at Through the Keyhole and when she returned it she included A List of my Dersires as she thought I would like it.  So that is a definite read this month.

I then have two book swaps both by Lesley Pearse Stolen & Till we meet again. I've not read any Lesley Pearse before so it will be interesting to see what I make of them. I swap with my bookswap buddy in the office and we love having our own little review of the books we've read over a nice cup of tea.  It's always nice I think to get someone else's perspective on a book that I've read, especially if their take is so completely different to yours. 

and of course 

Anyone who has been following my blog for any length of time will know I am a huge Amanda Prowse fan and therefore I just had to get Christmas for One  which was released at the end of November, but I am being very good and keeping it until next week when I have finished for the holidays. I usually totally immerse myself in her books and don't surface again until the last page has been turned, so next weekend should do it. 

Of course there will be one or two selections from my Kindle as these days there are just as many books residing on my cloud as there are on the bookshelf.  
I think my family thinks I need to join some sort of group for therapy for Book addiction as I just don't seem to be able to stop myself.  I don't think they realise how many there are on sitting on my little kindle cloud..... 

What about you are you very good and only pick a book as you are coming to the end of another one or is it a once a month trip to the library or do you have to avoid passing a Waterstone store at all costs?

I do try and have a book budget and limit myself to how many new books I can have but when Amazon do a 99p book sale it is a little hard to say no don't you find?

So to kick off the month of December I have picked a book that has been sitting on the book shelf for a while now.  Broken Harbour by Tana French is set in Ireland.  I'm not normally one for Crime Thrillers especially where you have to wait till half way through the book for a crime to actually be committed, but in Broken Harbour the crime takes place right at the beginning of the book and from then on you have to decide was it the husband who did it, a spurned lover or indeed the wife. 

And of course being December I have my last return to school read.  I struggled to make up my mind what my last return to school read should be. As I couldn't make up my mind I put the remaining names of books in a tea cup and pulled out a name.  
My December return to school read is therefore going to be 

I hope you all enjoy your December read's and I look forward to seeing what you all have chosen, no doubt you will give me yet more books to look out for. 


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