Friday, 19 September 2014

The keeper of Secrets - Amanda Brooke

The Keeper Of Secrets (novella) [epub Edition] By Amanda BrookeOn the surface, Elle has the perfect life - husband, child and a beautiful home. But sometimes a perfect facade hides the cracks beneath: Elle's husband Rick seems determined to clip her wings at every turn, keeping her at home and away from her friends and from the world. When Elle's father dies and she starts to clear his house, the cracks start to widen - and it's only a matter of time before everything breaks open.

On a quest for buried treasure at the house, her young son, Charlie, finds a box underneath the apple tree, with love letters from the past that could tear her world apart.

As past and present collide, Elle must decide what is right - and what course her life should take.

Published by: Harper Collins - Fiction
Year 2013 - Kindle Edition
Pages: 100
ISBN: 9780007522187

The Keeper of the Secrets had been sitting patiently on my Kindle for some considerable time.  It is a shortish story of only 100 pages and having just finished Amanda Prowse's Will You Remember Me I decided I wanted something quick to read before embarking on something more involved.

The Keeper of the Secrets is about a young married women who has a young son. Her father has recently passed away and whilst sorting through his things she discovers letters from a women he had quite clearly had an affair with before her mother died.  Elle is very shaken by this as she feels it makes a mockery of all she has known.  She decides she should meet this other women but far from disliking her she finds she actually likes her and can see why her father was drawn back to the love he had had before her mother.  Elle is trapped in a marriage to a very controlling husband who leaves her lists of chores to do each day and who will deliberately tell her something urgent has come up to prevent her going out with her friends.  Eventually Elle decides she has to let the past go but realises she has to make some very important decisions about her future.

Well worth the bother if you are looking for something quick to read.


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