Saturday, 27 September 2014

Lost dogs and lonely hearts - Lucy Dillon

Rachel has inherited a house in the country along with a rescue kennels. She claims she's not a dog person. But then she tries to match the abandoned pets with new owners with some unexpected results.

Natalie and Johnny's marriage hasn't been easy since they started trying for a baby. But will adopting Bertie, a fridge-raiding sofa-stealing Basset hound make up for it?

Meanwhile Zoe's ex husband has given their kids a Labrador puppy and left her to pick up the mess - literally. She's at the end of her tether, until her pup leads her to handsome doctor Bill, whose own perfect match isn't what he was expecting at all.

As the new owners' paths cross and their lives become interwoven they - along with their dogs - all find themselves learning important lessons about loyalty, second chances and truly unconditional love.

Published by: Hodder & Stroughton - Fiction
Year: 2013 - Paperback
Pages: 412
ISBN: 978--444-76305-8

Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts is 412 pages of heartache, romance, love and friendship all pulled together from one place.  The kennels left to Rachel by her aunt Dorothy in her will.  With inheritance tax and the house and kennels needing a lot of work Rachel has to decide whether she wants to leave her high flying life in London behind or get through probate and sell up at the earliest opportunity. Along the way Rachel will discover a secret about her aunt Dorothy something that even her own mother Dorothy's sister doesn't know. She will meet some amazing new people who all want whats best for the dogs and the kennels.  Each character has their own fare share of problems but all that is put to one side in order to help Rachel keep her aunt's dream alive, to help homeless dogs find new owners and a better life.  

Lucy Dillon has captured each character beautifully and you could see this novel as a definite chick flick starring Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.  If you're looking for an easy read that doesn't require too much concentration then Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts is a book for you. Very easy read and would recommend.

Happy reading one & all


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