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The Girls in Blue - Lilly Baxter

The Girls In Blue' by Lilly Baxter

When her home is destroyed in a bombing raid over London, Miranda Beddoes is forced to take refuge with her grandparents down on the Dorset coat. With both her parents doing their duty for king and country, Miranda longs to do the same. She joins the WAAF and is soon working hard to help win the war.  Despite her determination to dedicate herself to her work, Miranda falls for charismatic fighter Gil Maddern - a man known for his reckless and passion for flying. As the battle rages in the skies above them and she learns that Gil's plane has been hit, it is only the friendship of her fellow girls in blue that keeps Miranda going as she waits for news.
Published by: Arrow
Year:2012 - Paperback
Pages: 464
ISBN: 978-0099562665

Miranda and her mother are living in London when their home is bombed. Her French born mother is requested to take on secret work for the government and therefore Miranda has no option but to stay with her grand parents in Dorset.  Once off the train she befriends Rita who had come down to Dorset to stay with a family friend from London.  The girls get talking whilst waiting to be collected, some 40 minutes later they realise no one is coming and they decide to make their own way and from then on the girls forge a friendship that will last a lifetime.  The girls are going to need to find work and find jobs at the local department store,  Miranda soon realises this is not for her and makes a decision to join the WAAFS, if her parents are away defending King and country then so can she.  Whilst in the WAAFS she meets Gil, it is not love at first sight but when his plane doesn't return she begins to realise just how much she does care for him. Gil's plane has gone down but he has been picked up, having sustained injuries and Miranda is determined to help him back to health, but his mother has other idea's. 

This was essentially a love story with a few twists and turns along the way.  I really enjoyed this one, just goes to prove I'm still an old romantic at heart and even better this is another one from my yet to be read bookshelf.  Would recommend as an easy read and with the summer holidays approaching definitely a good holiday read.

Happy reading one & all


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