Friday, 6 June 2014

The Storyteller - Jodi Picoult

For seventy years, Josef Weber has been hiding in plain sight.

He is a pillar of the local community. 

He is also a murderer.

When Josef decides to confess, it is to Sage Singer, a young women, who trusts him as her friend. 
What she hears shatters everything she thought she knew and believed.

As Sage uncovers the truth from the darkest horrors of war she must follow a   twisting trail between terror and mercy, betrayal and forgiveness, love - and revenge.

Published by: Hodder Paperbacks - Fiction
Year: 2014 - Paperback
Pages: 428
ISBN: 978-1444766660

Sage Singer is a young women of Jewish descent.   Her Polish grandmother is a holocaust survivor but has never spoken of the tattoo on her arm and her time in the concentration camp. Josef Weber is an elderly German immigrant. Whilst working at a local bakery Sage befriends Josef a harmless old man who comes to the cafe where she works everyday with his little dog Eva.  Josef confides in Sage about his past as an SS soldier asking for her forgiveness of the wrongs that he has committed and asks for her help to end his life.  Sage cannot believe this harmless old man could be the person he says.  Not knowing what else to do she contacts the authorities and with the help of her grandmother sets on a course to find out exactly who Josef Weber really is.

I am not too familiar with Jodi Picoult novels.  This was a book swap with my work colleague who is a big fan. She told me I would be gripped by this book and she certainly wasn't wrong. Once again my poor D would find me at every moment possible with my nose in this book. It was absolutely brilliant and a definite must read especially if you are already a Jodi Picoult fan,  

Have you a Jodi Picoult novel you would recommend?

Happy reading one & all


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