Sunday, 2 February 2014

Book of the month - January 2014

I have read some really good books over the last month and found myself with a difficult choice as to which book I would call my book of the month,

I absolutely loved reading To Kill A Mocking Bird and wished this had been one I got to read in school in place of some of the others I did, and I would recommend any of you to read it if you never have.

This said I was fully engrossed in The Secret Keeper it was definitely one I could not put down. The way in which Kate Morton had written her novel in four parts each one inextricably linked to the other was shear brilliance.  There will definitely be more Kate Morton's residing on my book shelf/Kindle in the future.

I decided in the end that I just couldn't separate the two and I am therefore going to have a joint book of the month which is a first for me.

Happy reading one and all.


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