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Amanda Prowse Month - No Greater Love Series

After working as a Management Consultant for most of her career Amanda started writing in 2008.  Her first novel 'Poppy Day' was released in 2011. Amanda lives with her husband Simeon, a serving soldier and their two sons.

Amanda is the author of the 'No Greater Lover' series. Each of her novels tells of the story of how extraordinary women who find themselves dealing with extraordinary situations. I have now read all 3 novels and Amanda Prowse's Kindle exclusive first short story.  I first came across Amanda's novels when I read her second novel in the 'No Greater Love Series,  'What Have I Done' a powerful story of an abusive marriage and one women's drastic action to end the abuse and her fight to regain the trust of her children. I was given a copy of 'Poppy Day' as gift from a dear friend, I have a son who is in the armed forces and knowing that my son is due to go on tour to Afghanistan later this year, thought I would appreciate the fact that all proceeds from this book go to the Royal British Legion to help fund the charity's  'Battleback Centre' for injured service personnel.   Poppy Day's story is one of love and determination of a young women who when her husband is taken hostage in Afghanistan decides to take matters in her own hands by going to Afghanistan to get her man back. Throughout her story you also get to know about Poppy's immediate family especially her grandmother and this leads you into the Amanda's third novel 'Clover's Child' which is actually the prequel to Poppy Day. Clover's Child tells the story of Dorothea (Poppy's grandmother) as a young girl who falls in love with Sol and in the 1960's East End of London he is not the man to have fallen in love with. Lastly is Amanda released her Kindle exclusive 'Something Quite Beautiful' which tells the story of a women governess to a Scottish prison.  Rumour has it that once you enter Glenculloch prison you never you never get to leave.  

You can find out more about battleback here.

I have found all Amanda's novels worth reading and her fourth novel in the 'No Greater Love' series is due for  release in Paperback in February 2014.  Below is a taster of her next novel which is titled 'A Little Love'.
Publication Date 13.02.2014 Paperback

Everybody needs a little love in their lives.....

Pru Plum is the celebrated owner of famous Mayfair bakery, Plums Patisserie. She wears Chanel and her hair is expensively cut. Few would believe that this elegant women turned sixty-six last year. But Pru is not the confident, successful businesswomen she appears. She has done shameful things to get to where she is today. And she will do anything to protect the secrets of her past - especially when, for the first time in her life, she has finally fallen in love...  This is a story about love, loss and lies ... and finding happiness before it's too late.

Publisher: Head of Zeus - Fiction
Year: 2014 - Paperback

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