Friday, 27 September 2013

Little Face - Sophie Hannah

           She's only been gone two hours.

Her husband David was supposed to be looking after their two-week-old daughter. But when Alice Fancourt walks into the nursery her terrifying ordeal begins, for Alice insists the baby in the cot is a stranger she's never seen before.

With an increasingly hostile and menacing David swearing she must either be mad or lying, how can Alice make the police believe her before it's too late?

Published by: Hodder & Stoughton - Fiction
Year:2006 - Paperback
Pages: 357
ISBN: 978-1-4447-1093-9

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear.  I had such high expectations of this first crime thriller by Sophie Hannah.   Predominantly known for her poetry and children's books, Sophie moved into crime thrillers in 2006 when she released this first crime thriller 'Little Face' and has subsequently gone on to write approximately 8+ books around the her two main characters Charlie Zailer and Simon Waterhouse. With this in mind I decided to start at the beginning so I would get to understand the background to the two detectives.  Essentially the story is around the two detectives and the Fancourt family. David Fancourt has been married before and has a son from that marriage. His first wife is killed just outside the family home and although a man was jailed for her murder, his second wife  Alice Fancourt is suspicious as to who was really behind her murder.   Alice Fancourt proceeds to go to great lengths to get to the truth.  I'm afraid that I found it difficult to follow the story and at times a little far fetched, would you be able to convince your husband and  anyone else willing to listen that the baby that is sleeping in the nursery upstairs is not the baby you bought home from hospital two weeks earlier and then convince the police of the same.  I would not be put off reading further work by Ms. Hannah and in deed have the next in the series of books 'Hurting Distance' sat on the book shelf but I may leave it a while before I read it so that I can go into reading it with an open mind.

May be you are a fan of Sophie Hannah and have a different view, why not leave me a comment on your thoughts about 'Little Face' or may be you have a recommendation of another of Sophie Hannah's books that will get my attention better.

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