Saturday, 4 January 2014

Book of the Year

Over the last six months since I started my blog I have been listing all the books I have read and selected one book per month to be my book of the month.

Book of the Month - June
Book of the Month - July

Book of the Month - September
Book of the Month - August
Book of the Month - October
Book of the Month - November

Book of the Month - December

These seven books were the ones that stood out most to me. With this in mind I decided I would pick one book as my book of the year.  That book for me would have to be 
Book of the Year 2013

 But may be we don't share the same opinion.

Having looked at all the page hits since I started my blog there appears to be one book that above all others that has been the bloggers choice and that would be

Blogger choice - Book of the Year 2013

I also have a Best Newcomer and that would have to be

Best Newcomer 2013

Over the next 12 months I shall continue listing all the books I read and my thoughts about each one. I'll continue to pick a book to be my book of the month. 

I hope you will continue stopping by to see what I have been reading may be with a few surprises along the way. For those of you who follow my Lazy Days and Sundays at The Willows blog will know I have set myself five challenges for 2014.  Two of these challenges link to this blog.  

In the meanwhile Happy New Year Reading 


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