Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Daffodil Girls - Kitty Dimbleby

Daffodil Girls (eBook): Stories of love, loss and friendship from the women behind our heroes

How do you have a relationship that is not only long distance,but with someone who is both out of contact and in danger on a daily basis? How do you deal with everyday life while he's away? And how do you cope if your worst nightmare comes true -he doesn't come back at all?

Format: Kindle Edition - Non Fiction
Print Length: 259 pages
ISBN: 0753539640
Publisher: Virgin Digital (31 Aug 2011) 

Ever wondered what it is like to support a loved one in the armed forces? Army wife and journalist Kitty Dimbleby reveals stories of life, love and loss from the women behind the front line.
For every brave soldier putting their life on the line for Queen and country, there is a second, more subtle sort of heroism at work back at base in Britain.  Daffodil Girls is the story of the women behind the soldiers of The 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh. Granted unprecedented access into this most private of communities, writer Kitty Dimbleby brilliantly brings to life the lot of a soldier's wife, as she follows these women through the cycle of a regiment's tour of duty: the preparation for departure, the six long months of action and the emotional reunion. Insightful, humorous and deeply moving in turn, Daffodil Girls captures the unique bond of friendship and indomitable spirit that is forged in such circumstances - the extraordinary world of the heroines behind our army heroes.
'This is a moving tribute to the wives and families who are left behind when Britain's soldiers go out to fight - the story of their courage in the face of separation, loneliness and fear for those they love. Kitty Dimbleby's message is that war breeds more than one kind of hero worthy of our admiration and support' 

Oh my goodness me this has been one of the most emotionally charged books I have read in a long time.  Not only are they the true and personal accounts of each of the families,  but for anyone who has a loved one currently serving no matter which of the services they belong you will know exactly how these families felt.

One word of caution do not read whilst travelling on public transport as you may encounter funny looks from people when you laugh out loud and even more so when you can't help but shed a tear when a family has suffered a loss.  I have gone on to buy the hardback book as gifts for Christmas.  It is well worth the money and all proceeds are going to Help The Heroes.

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